Business Grade Internet

Business Grade Internet – high-speed, high capacity, reliable internet and data (WAN) connections are the lifeblood of business, no matter how small or large. Phone calls, Skype and conference calls, webinars, email, data uploads, downloads, searches, offsite backups: these functions are now the norm but they are only as efficient, successful and reliable as the internet connection and service provider.

Business Grade Internet – ADSL, SHDSL, Hybrid, Ethernet, or a combination, Bolt-On IT can tailor the solution to your specific business needs.

Business Grade Internet is the key to fast reliable communications, high-speed web browsing, secure multi-site network capabilities, dedicated email server connections or content delivery applications.

Bolt-On IT provides you a wide range of ways of connecting your business to the internet. All off our business grade packages are fully managed and specifically designed to meet and exceed your internet requirements particularly when it comes down to reliability.

Types of Business Grade Internet Services

The types of technologies that can be adapted to most businesses are:


  • Fast reliable communications
  • Connections for email or web servers
  • VoIP or video conferencing
  • Frequent file transfers
  • 5 – 15 person office


  • 1-10 person business with normal internet usage requirements;
  • Branch offices requiring a secure, private network;
  • Providing larger offices with a backup internet link;
  • Dedicated connections for email servers or similar application services.


  • Interconnect multiple locations on a single network
  • Superior voice and data communications
  • Connect multiple sites with a Wide Area Network via one connection
  • Scale your internet connection quickly and with no restrictions

Fixed Wireless

  • Super high speed
  • Simple installation
  • High security
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership


  • High speed, reliable data services
  • VoIP, MPLS VPN and critical applications
  • Server hosting
  • High speed web browsing
  • Head offices
  • 15+ person offices


  • High bandwidth requirements
  • Multi-site, networked business operations
  • Content applications
  • 10 + person office
  • Redundant solution
  • Geographical areas where bandwidth is constrained

3G and 4G

  • Quickly download files over a wireless network
  • Extremely high voice quality
  • Easily access Internet, IM, Social Networks, streaming media, video calling, etc.
  • Higher bandwidth

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