Hardware Procurement

Buying IT equipment can be very expensive when you get it wrong.

  • Operating systems that do not work on some networks
  • Anti-virus software that do not provide any real protection
  • Backup systems that do not integrate with your IT infrastructure

The list goes on! We have seen it all before, and we know what works and what saves you time and money.

Bolt-on IT employs specialist hardware and software procurement experts to handle your hardware and software licensing requirements. With their extensive industry experience and knowledge, our Hardware Procurement Team can quickly and easily locate and quote for your requested items, and also offer advice on alternative solutions that would best fit your requirements.

We ensure that we always supply the right product for the job because we take the time to understand your IT environment and because we provide ongoing support for the products we sell.

When you buy IT equipment from us, you will not need to worry about whether it is going to be compatible with your systems, or whether it will cause ongoing problems. We will take care of all issues for you.

Our aim is to make hardware procurement quick and easy for your organisation, by providing you with leading industry experience and expertise.

Benefit from our Relationships & Experience

We work closely with the world’s leading vendors, and several major distributors across Australia, to bring you a wide range of hardware products at the best possible market price.

  • Superior turnaround times – Save time and let us do the research on the hardware you need.
  • Source and supply – Let us secure those hard to find parts. Our hardware is sourced from several major distributors, who have each made large investments in their logistical processes, helping to provide a speedier route to market.
  • Rapid order processing and delivery – Orders that are received by noon will be processed that same day, and in-stock items are delivered the next working day to all Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane metropolitan areas.
  • Staging facilities – To expedite your hardware readiness, items such as desktops, laptops & servers can be delivered straight to our office, including hardware pre-assembly, and be configured specifically for your use and ready for your network.
  • Hassle-free Warranty Returns – We’re happy to organise warranty returns for any faulty items.
  • Always get the right product 

Our Approach

Bolt-on IT’s approach to delivering IT Procurement Services is one of partnership:

  • Partnership with our clients to ensure we understand their business, management processes, and specific IT requirements
  • Partnership with our vendors to ensure we provide our clients with the latest and most competitive product information and pricing
  • Partnership with Australia ‘s leading distributors to ensure we offer the most efficient procurement processes and timely delivery of product.

Through these partnerships we are able to deliver a fast and efficient procurement service to help manage the ever increasing purchasing demands within an organisation.

We can help identify current and future hardware needs and will provide you with affordable and scalable solutions.

We also take care of your entire equipment life cycle starting with specifications, purchasing and pre-delivery. When your equipment has reached end-of-life we will then assist with decommissioning, data erasure and secure disposal.