Software Licensing

We work with the leading software providers on your behalf to provide you with access to the most up-to-date software on the market. The benefits include:

  • Access to the world’s leading software providers
  • Extensive software knowledge right across the world’s leading vendors
  • Assistance with your software asset management
  • Helping you to understand your specific software needs

Our team can source the most cost-effective licensing solutions for your business. We are on-hand to provide you with numerous services to make sure you’re on top of your software asset management, and above all, have the best possible software licensing in place.

Our Approach

Access to the world’s leading software providers – we work with the leading software providers on your behalf, to provide you with access to the most up-to-date software on the market.

Licensing and compliance – we have the experience and expertise in software licensing, ensuring you only acquire the software that you need, and always maintain compliance

Server to desktop – Our specialists have a depth of software knowledge, right across the world’s leading vendors, from server to desktop

End-to-end service – From a single license to enterprise wide agreements, we’ll guarantee standard quotes will be turned around within 4 hours. Save time and let us do the research on the software you need

Single source services and infrastructure – By utilising our software procurement services, you’ll be connected to a dedicated team to ensure you receive the best possible service, and cost-effective outcome for your business

Use Software as a Subscription rather than making an out-right purchase

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of software deployment where an application is licensed for use on a per-user, per-month pricing model.

Several significant benefits arise, including:

  • Removes the large upfront fixed costs associated with traditional software purchase
  • There is no need for annual maintenance and upgrade costs as the most current version is always available
  • Flexible cost structure
  • Enables the buyer to share licenses across the organisation rather than the traditional licence per device
  • Makes it possible to try software without making large capital investments
  • The option to use on-premise and cloud products

Know Your Software License Status Anywhere, Anytime

No one enjoys keeping track of software and licensing. As a result, very few organisations do.  Without an effective software asset management service, your organisation could face the risks of:

  • Paying too much in software licensing fees for unused software
  • Licenses expiring without anyone’s knowledge
  • Audits that can reveal use of unlicensed software, resulting in steep fines from major software distributors like Microsoft
  • Faulty reporting that doesn’t account for all assets, impeding critical decision-making during the licensing process and creating unnecessary software purchases as new staff members are added

Bolt-on IT can minimise risks with our software asset management services designed specifically for your organisation.

Whether you’re in the process of considering updating your licences or have already procured licensing and are embarking on a large desktop / server deployment project, you can rely on our team to provide software asset management services that will relieve your staff from tedious and time-consuming licensing tasks. We can also assist after a software virtualisation project to ensure you are not over or under licensed.

We offer you a convenient approach to software asset management services, including:

  • The integration of software asset management and hardware asset management to free your staff to focus on your organisations goals
  • Complete accountability of all your software, and if you choose, hardware assets that minimises the likelihood of audit failures
  • Complete insight into your available assets, and friendly, expert advice on the best way to leverage them
  • Robust reporting as part of your software asset management service to provide insight for decision-making that allows you to compete more effectively.
  • 24/7 access to the status of licenses and automatic notifications when expirations draw close, as we can procure and manage licensing on your behalf.

With our software asset management services, you can optimise your organisation’s desktops/servers with the information that keeps you compliant and offers the insights you need to make decisions. And with our convenient, flexible approach to IT management, you’ll be able to streamline costs and remain agile.