IT Projects

Our approach to providing IT Project Solutions is designed to ensure that the desired business outcomes are achieved.  This comprises of a structured project management policy that:

  • Communicates a clear plan of action and identifies responsibilities in all IT projects
  • Continually updates the client’s expectations and requirements
  • Tracks and controls expenditure and time progress
  • Measures success and completion against business outcome requirements, not just solution capabilities

Our project management approach is scalable, capable of dealing with small intricate projects through to large IT infrastructure developments.  We will take on full responsibility of the entire deployment process while keeping communication simple and the project within budget.

We Provide

  • IT project management services by applying best practice and tested policies and procedures in project planning, project stage management and project closure
  • Project deployment & implementation services by certified and experienced IT consultants
  • Consultations & discussions on the delivery of IT projects including detailed solution planning & designs

These fundamental services are part of our project services offerings which take into account a wide range of IT projects across the full suite of our services such as unified communications, networks, cloud computing, virtualisation, storage, disaster recovery and much more.

Advantages IT Projects provide to your Business

Efficient and effective use of your internal resources
Frees up your time so that you and your staff can focus on other areas of your business
Outcome assurance
Peace of mind that every aspect of the project will be efficiently accomplished by following proven methods designed to cover all elements of the implementation
Account Management
A single point of contact will keep you updated throughout the delivery process
Reduced project risks and efficient mitigation of any concerns which may arise or be associated with the project
Flexible payment methods
We can deliver project consultations and/or solutions on a full fixed price, time and materials or a combination of both allowing you to ensure that you are not open to any adverse risks.

Achieve the desired outcomes in a timely manner due to proven implementation methodologies, processes and templates.